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A Story of Karma, Belief, Point Of View, and coaching


We die and if we are incomplete about the events of our life, all of our desire to change ourselves, events of our lives, other people, the world, anything we are attached to based on our beliefs creates an energy imprint in the sea of energy consciousness.  The desire imprint is looking for a matching embryo blob.  The energy imprint bonds with the blob of flesh. The blob becomes an embryo. The imprint is like the one a shoe leaves in the mud.  The imprint is not the shoe or even the mud it is an exact imprint.  It exists on its own but not without the shoe or the mud.  The transferring energy imprint exists and is dependent on desires that create the energy imprint.  The energy imprint was generated by strong feelings of being incomplete in some situation in our previous existence.   

The imprint is Karma moving from one existence to the next.  We were all borne with an imprint the people we were born to have the same imprints as we do and it is hoped that they have worked out there Karma before we arrive so they can help us with our karma.  Ever notice your kids drive you the craziest?  It is by cosmic design they are helping you work out your karma.

How a child is treated either re-enforces the Karma or dissolves it.  If the Karma is re-enforced the child holds the karma and desires people with the same Karma to help them resolve that Karma.

They desire love and acceptance. 

They don't find love and acceptance until they find it for themselves.  Until they have it they cannot find it because they cannot recognise it for themselves or for others.

 If Karma is re-enforced it cause trauma that gives energy to the Karma making it stronger.  That is why Childhood events are imprinted to last a lifetime. The Trauma feels like a near death experience to the small child living in a world of giants and when the trauma happens the young mind creates at least 4 things in the form of a story.

The strategies, behaviours cause fear and illness because they have us relive the trauma of childhood.  These originating incidents tided to our karma, and a sense of survival become the beliefs that we build a point of view with.  Your point of view like being on the top or at the base of a mountain give us a perspective or a way of seeing things that keeps them looking the same and safe to us.

 Called originating events the events that caused trauma are the origins of our strategies, behaviour - self or ego.  This is what you became to compensate for what you conceived was wrong or missing in you that caused your originating incident based on your originating story.

 The originating event causes the child to watch out for another event like that one that caused the originating trauma and story.

 Now we know exactly what will happen if a situation is similar to XXX.  Every time a situation is similar to the originating incident it recalls the originating event and the trauma again and again creating more and more proof that we are right to keep the strategies, behaviour intact to keep us safe.

 These strategies, behaviours are so strong we believe the strategies are keeping us alive and without them we would die or worse look rely bad.  That is why people do the same things over and over; they believe they will die if they stop.

 In reality it is the ego that is under attack if we choose to disregard our fear.  It is also why we need to be right all the time. If we are wrong we could die.

 For example if we believe we are incapable or stupid we could strategize that trusting others more than ourselves will keep us alive, forever feeling trapped in relationships so we stay safe.

 It seems like life keeps happening the same way again and again and again.  In our relationships with family, loved ones, authority figures, parties, etc.

 So you can see that once you recognize your strategies, behaviours, and point of view, are made up by you based on events some 15 to 50 years ago, that what you believe is a story made up by a 5 year old and you are reliving stories through the strategies you are using, and you are completely trapped in theses ways of seeing the world, other people and yourself.

 If you truly get it down to your toes you will realize a couple of things.

 If you are willing to spend the time necessary in no thought, in total experiential existence, believing nothing thinking nothing you can escape the habit of thought, you will see what these stories and beliefs truly are.

 Are you willing?

You will have things you agree with or disagree with in this writing.  That is not important.  What is important is that you complete your karmic life and experience the world free of fear and judgment.  All at once everything makes sense everything is the way it is for good reasons and you get to walk free in the world making a difference.

 In fact the world becomes exactly what it is a series of events that mean nothing. Of course that also means nothing. And that means nothing......

 Freedom becomes a myth with bondage because the only way to become bound is to believe that anything is true.  You are free and always have been.

 Take you next step.

 Why is a trap for the mind just do what you do whole heartedly, fully, lovingly.

 “In the end it’s just a laugh – Ha Ha Ha”

Then he laid back and died.

Zen masters final words.