Coaching is a conversation about you, your life, your dreams, your challenges, what you want to change, what you want more of and what you love.

The initial conversation is full of discovery. It also goes where you want it to go. I do a lot of listening and ask qualifying questions the first is "what do you want?”

Once we determine what you want to accomplish we start to talk about what it means to you, why it is important to you? The conversation moves along and my questions become more to the point and you start to hear yourself saying what usually stays in your head in the background of who you are being. We talk about what comes up for you and move on using your own recourses to overcome and nullify unrecognized patterns and unsupportive self talk.

Recognizing what you have been saying to yourself and what that has caused you to bring to your life naturally has you move forward into the empty space left as the clutter of unnoticed internal dialogue subsides.

New points of view spring into place and with them new attitudes and actions become a natural expression of your way of being. You move forward and life becomes a joyful expression of the future you now see for yourself. Most people say they become who they always wanted to be, who they truly thought they were that no one could see.

It sounds easy and it usually is.

Some transformations take longer than others. Some like seeing work and co-workers newly can happen in a single 2 hr conversation. Others like recreating a 10 year old relationship can take a little longer.

My commitment is to fill the journey with as much fun and life as possible. Are you ready to tackle that bad habit or build a new relationship? Get a coach and see how much fun it can be.

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The Process
What is Coaching?  Is it like a hocky coach or gymnastics coach? What is success and fulfillment coaching?  How can coaching help me in my life right now?
Prediction Stones for Your Furure!
We start here and now in the present with what you want to have, what you love.

The key is right now in your life!
The here and now is everything it is a full display of what you love, hate, think is good and bad. You actually want to move forward in what you love and I am here to help you do that.
And it all happens right now!
We look into the past to see if any old ideas are lingering.

We bring the light of the present to any issues that come up from the past.  The memories loose the grip they have on your situation and you can see it clearly.
The future is the place where we do all of our planning, dreaming, and visioning.

The future is impossible!
Because it is empty and not here yet!
But soon it will be and in that emptiness your life will happen.  Whatever you can imagine the empty future can hold. 
Are you ready to create your future?  With your wildest dreams?
Are you willing to cut yourself free and fly?

Steping Stones To Your Future